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Guild Rules
Apr 6, 10 8:56 PM
Up and coming Raiders
Mar 21, 10 4:18 AM
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Hiya. Welcome to the website for <Bloodpack of Azeroth> found on realm Area-52. We are a guild who has been around for about three years, and has seen our fair share of ups and downs. We are a laid back guild, with very open-minded members. We are primarily a Raiding guild, but we will help level and gear our members so that they can start raiding with us. Our members are all friendly, and helpful. We offer a seven tab bank, and ventrilo, as well as help with repairs on raids. We have been a top ranked raiding guild in the past and are working our way back up in the ranks now. We are a very outspoken and uncensored guild, so keep that in mind please. If you are an open-minded, friendly person and are interested in joining a great guild, please whisper any of the following people in game: Vladtheimpal, Destroyerz, Blooddragons, Azurastar, and  Darksoulmage.
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Guild Rules

BloodPackOfAzeroth, Apr 6, 10 8:56 PM.
1. No Drama. If you have a problem with a guildie, talk to the GM or an officer. Do not start anything in guild chat or vent!
2. No begging for gold.
3. Must play your toon regularly. If your toon has not logged on in 30 days or more, it will be removed from guild.
4. If you want to raid, you must download vent and the proper add-ons. For a list of required add-ons, please see the "Up and Coming Raiders" link.
5. In order to achieve higher ranks, you must contribute to the guild in some way, be it depositing mats for raids in the bank, helping guildies level, or using your     professions to help out guild members.
6. Have an open mind and a sense of humor. Especially in vent. If you don't you will be offended very quickly and easily.

Up and coming Raiders

BloodPackOfAzeroth, Mar 21, 10 4:18 AM.
If you are a member who is looking to start Raiding, first please make sure to get ventrilo so you can hear explanations and instructions. Even if you don't have a mic, as long as you have speakers you are fine. There are also a few add-ons that you need to download and install. To get them, go to and download their client. The add-ons you need to get are as follows:

Omen Threatmeter,
Deadly Boss Mods,
if your class can remove debuffs you will need Decursive, a
nd if you are a pally you will need pallypower.
These things will make your raiding go much easier.
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